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Coach Rob Partcelli

Rob has over 20 years experience as a Basketball Shooting Trainer, Rob worked alongside Vern (Shot Doctor) Gaskin of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Rob has led numerous Shooting

Basketball Club
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In loving memory
of Coach Gaskin.

1946 - 2020



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Searching for basketball training near me? Building a fundamentally sound basketball player with an emphasis on shooting is our highest priority! Now is the time – the off-season is the perfect opportunity to elevate your game and enhance your jumpshot.

Learn proper Shooting Form
Learn to Shoot off the dribble
Learn how to Catch and shoot
Learn proper Footwork
Game speed workouts
Learn shot Preparation techniques

Shooting Instruction that leads to greatness

One Hour Training Session

You can have a Bucketsbasketballtraining Clinic at your location - (Call for Price)

Ten session training Package

You can have a Bucketsbasketballtraining Clinic at your location - (Call for Price)